Contact Information

address: Tumwater Marching Band Festival

P.O Box 14755

Tumwater, WA 98511-4755

email : tumwatermbf@gmail

About Us

The Tumwater Marching Band Festival is an annual competition for marching bands, from around the Pacific Northwest.  The competition is held the second Saturday of October, and takes place at Tumwater Stadium (on the grounds of Tumwater High school).  This year marks the 12th year our competition.

Ticket Prices

Adults: $12     Students and Seniors: $7     Children under 10: Free


39 Responses to About

  1. Cory says:

    Will there be food venders? What time does the event start?

    • tmbf says:

      There will be a concession stand operating during the show. The starting time will most likely be 9 AM; although I have not seen the official timing yet.

  2. Jayden Reynolds says:

    What qualifies someone as a student? Do community college students below the age of 21 count as students, or does adult mean everyone 18 and over?

  3. Karen Travis says:

    Is there a schedule of performance times for the prelims available for 2013?

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  5. Alex Smith says:

    Who is judging the show?

  6. Patrick Bobb says:

    Now that the preliminary schedule is posted, when will the finals schedule be posted?pa

  7. jodi says:

    Is there rv parking available for parents?

  8. Ximena West says:

    When will you have the preliminary schedule for 2015 available and where can I get it? I am checking conflicts with other school events.

  9. Brenda Winter says:

    The weather report is calling for thunder and lightning strikes in Tumwater on Saturday. Is it possible this will get canceled ?

    • tmbf says:

      The weather report I read mentions heavy rain, but not lightning. At this point I thing all is a go. I will let you know if something changes.

  10. Michael Tran says:

    Who should I contact about setting up a booth at the show? Is Peter still the contact?

  11. Patricia Hyatt says:

    Has the preliminary schedule been set for this year?

  12. John says:

    Judge List Please

  13. Michael Tran says:

    Wanting to confirm a booth set up.

  14. Amanda says:

    Is there a list of performance times for this year (2018)

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