2019 Registration Open!!

Band registration for the 2019 Tumwater Marching Band Festival being held on Oct 12, 2019 is now open. Band Director's, please click the link below and register online. We are looking forward to seeing you all this year!


How do you feed 1300 marchers?

TMBF food


Quite a bit late but visit this website to see some awesome photos!!


Some photos

IMG_2288 IMG_2293 IMG_2297 IMG_2317 IMG_2320 IMG_2286 IMG_2284 IMG_2283 IMG_2278 IMG_2274 IMG_2273 IMG_2245 IMG_2250 IMG_2255 IMG_2262 IMG_2266 IMG_2271 IMG_2317 IMG_2230 IMG_2222 IMG_2241 IMG_2237 IMG_2234 IMG_2226 IMG_2223